Hey, I’m Jack, and in case you hadn’t gathered…. I’m the Stay At Home Man.

I started this Blog 2 years ago because my wife told me to, since being a stay at home dad isn’t all that common, and as a wise man once told me, “A happy wife, means a happy life”.

It transpired I actually quite like writing and creating content for this Blog, so when I get some free time, albeit very little, I do post here now and then.

Let me sum up what I’m about without using too much cringeworthy rhetoric.

I live in Hitchin, Hertfordshire with my wife Lisa, our baby son Toby and our two dogs Poppy and Oreo.

I was a Police Officer in London for nearly 8 years but decided to leave when I realised how much I was dreading going back after our Honeymoon in 2014.  I always knew I wouldn’t be in that job until retirement but it became apparent how soon something had to change.

I didn’t have another job lined up.  We weren’t expecting and kids.  For a little while, I became a Stay At Home Man… hence errm.. the name.

A year later our son Toby was born and in 2015 I was promoted to Stay At Home Dad.

I enjoy writing, Videography, Cooking, Gaming, Technology and attempting to grow things on my allotment.  I imagine you will see a little of all of that, with a heavy dose of Parenting and Dad stuff.

I hope you enjoy.

Jack (Lisa, Toby, Poppy and Oreo)


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