Getting My Check-Up.


He’s growing fast!


Well that’s been a bloody long break hasn’t it?  Blogging is a bit like going to the dentist. Well, kind of.   Saying that, when you stop going to the dentist there’s a chance all your teeth may fall out.   The worst consequence of letting your blog disappear into a distant memory is you have to a) sidestep questions from people asking about your blog, and make an excuse as to why you haven’t updated it in months, and b) your 4 followers forget who you are.




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Our Day with ITV: “We Have it All”


Luckily they brought a real cameraman, and didn’t rely on floor shots like this.

One reasonably pleasant day towards the end of January (if there is such a thing), Lisa, Toby and I did some filming for ITV’s Tonight Programme.  The premise of the show is “Kids vs Career: Can Women have it all?” and it will air on ITV tonight at 7:30pm presented by Helen Skelton (Ex-Blue Peter presenter, Countryfile presenter, and all round record breaking active mum). Continue reading

What a Difference a Day Makes (Well Somewhere between 1-4 day’s) – A Note on Milk (and other parent) Anxiety.


Many experts agree Breastfeeding gives your baby the best start in life.  Of course it’s not the only way to do things, and it is down to mums and dads to choose how their baby is fed.  Nobody has the right to judge or look down either way whether it be new-old fashioned views on public decency, or old-new fashioned views on bottle fed parents being lazy, or “not trying”.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Only what is right for you and your family. Continue reading

Toby - Day 1

Welcome to The Club.

“Welcome to The Club”  Four words a friend used in congratulating me on the birth of my son 11 weeks ago.

Nobody can really prepare you for what it means to become a parent. Specifically, nothing successfully prepared me for what it means to become a Dad, to join “that” club.

Toby - Day 1

Toby – Day 1

My single biggest tip for any expectant first time Father would be this;  Expect the unexpected.  Hey, expect the expected too. Continue reading


Too much ice cream can do this to you... not sure what has happened to my nose though.

Too much ice cream can do this to you… not sure what has happened to my nose though.

They say being a Stay at Home Dad can make you feel a little emasculated, that you’ll garner more respect from the mum’s if you can fit in more…. That’s not however why I have donned this ultra comfortable blue hairpiece.  No, Today is Blue Hair Day!  Created by a Charity called Harrisons Fund, it is in aid of funding research into a terrible and incurable disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

The disease is 100% fatal and most kids affected will die in their late teens/early twenties.

As an expectant father myself… less than one month to go now I know already how much I worry about my child before it has even been born.  I can’t even begin to imagine the devastation a diagnosis of Duchenne in a child would cause a family, the knowledge that your child will most likely be wheelchair bound aged 12, and may not live to see their twenties.

At present there is no cure, but Harrisons Fund are working to provide researchers with the money required to work towards a cure before it is too late for Harrison, and other children affected worldwide.

To donate to this fantastic cause Text ‘BLUE’ to 70660 to Donate £5.  Hey, maybe text it twice.

20 Shades of Grey… Paint

Some of the Various Grey's we have tried.  Complete accident that the two blobs on the left look like a face with hair.  I wont miss the yellow.

Some of the Various Grey’s we have tried. Complete accident that the two blobs on the right look like a face with hair. I won’t miss the yellow.

Well that’s been a busy few months! Even with the best of intentions, all blogging activity ground to a halt during the recent works on our house. Even now we aren’t finished, but I’m sitting in Costa Coffee waiting whilst our car is being repaired  Continue reading

From Foot Patrol to Sick Patrol – An Expectant Father’s Guide to Morning Sickness

This Spring themed decoration will be particularly appreciated.

This Spring themed decoration will be particularly appreciated.

So we all know about morning sickness right?  I thought I did, then it happened, and now I’m thinking of calling Trading Standards.

Now maybe I’m unfairly representing all men here in showing my naivety and possibly my ignorance, but I didn’t realise morning sickness was quite as bad as it turned out to be.  Now of course, I’m not saying it’s terrible for me, I’m not the one going through it, but man it’s bad for Mrs M.  Four or more times a day, early mornings, evenings, to the middle of the night, it doesn’t discriminate. Continue reading